Ash Firewood - one of the best types of firewood there is

1. Ash is one of the most important deciduous trees in the US.

2. Ash firewood generates very high heat while burning evenly.

3. Difficult to split by yourself.

Ash Firewood: a personal favorite for many!

It all depends on the right firewood!

For the combustion process in the fireplace to be efficient and powerful, it is important to use the right wood. The numerous types of wood of softwoods and deciduous trees have different properties and are differently suitable as firewood in the stove.

Besides the beech and the oak, the ash is one of the defining deciduous trees in North America. It also belongs to the group of hardwoods and therefore embodies high density and strength. In addition to its abrasion resistance and hardness, the ash shines with its high elasticity and even surpasses the tensile strength of the oak. These properties make ash wood a preferred material for tools or sports equipment.

However, ash wood is only moderately weather-resistant and challenging to impregnate, which is why it is mainly used indoors. So much for the general properties of ash. Let’s focus on ash wood’s qualities as firewood.


Why is ash wood so suitable as firewood in the fireplace?

The ash has a similarly high calorific value as the olive or the oak as firewood and promises long-lasting heat with a very high BTU/cubic foot. It not only develops good embers but also burns with a beautiful flame, which is very impressive in any open fireplace. Since it has only a low proportion of tree resin, ash wood burns calmly and evenly. However, this means that the romantic sound effects of the crackling and splashing embers are missing, as would be the case with pine firewood. The ash firewood is, therefore, perfect for open fireplaces since you need not worry about uncontrolled flying sparks and the associated fire risk.


What are the disadvantages of this type of firewood?

Even if ash wood is a popular material and easy to saw, it is surprisingly tricky to split. Ash is not necessarily the number one firewood for people who must make their own firewood. It is best split fresh after cutting the tree. Luckily, Rancho La Casa provides professionally cut, split and seasoned ash firewood, so you need not do the heavy lifting (or splitting).

As with all other hardwoods, ash has a more extended drying phase. Like oak and beech, ash should dry for at least two years before using it as firewood. The wood should never have a residual moisture content of over 20%. With increasing water content in the wood, the calorific value drops enormously and the release of pollutants increases. The wood should be stored in the split state to support ash in its drying process.

Rancho La Casa Firewood guarantees on all of its woods a residual moisture content of 20% or less, just as the EPA has recommended. 

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