Seasoned Oak Firewood | ultra low moisture firewood

Oak Firewood

As one of the world's most successful and ancient trees, oak is a keystone tree for Southern California's ecosystem.

Possibly the world's oldest at 2,000+ years, stands right here in Temecula.

Free local delivery and inexpensive stacking for orders of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 cord (conditions apply).

Convenient local pickup for orders 1/8, 1/16 cord and smaller.

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Oak Firewood

Oak Firewood

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✓   24/7 online support (text, call)

✓   Price guarantee (14 days)

✓   Cancel any time (before delivery)

✓   Free delivery (1, 1/2, 1/4 cord only)

About Oak Firewood

Oak is the most popular firewood in the US - and is also in our Southern California!

Very high and consistent heat generation, a clean burn and a fantastic burn time are what you can expect when you use oak as firewood.


Locally sourced and seasoned oak firewood. Delivery volume as shown in illustration, length of each log may differ (16-18").

Best in Class Customer Service

Text/call us: (818) 208 6366 (live person). 8am - 8pm.

Free delivery and inexpensive stacking for orders of 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord and 1 cord (certain conditions apply).

Convenient pickup for orders of 1/8, 1/16 of a cord or smaller quantities.

Our service team will keep you well-informed throughout the delivery process.

Moisture Level Below 20% (EPA)

As the only firewood provider in Southern California we guarantee the moisture content of our firewood to be at EPA's recommended level of 20% or less.

Upon request we perform moisture tests upon delivery at your house.

Carbon-neutral & Fully Sustainable!

We are the only firewood supplier in the US to be carbon-neutral:

We fully compensate for all CO2 associated with the production and use of our firewood.

You can actively decrease your personal carbon balance for your heating needs by replacing (partially or fully) natural gas with our firewood for heating your home!

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  • CO2-neutral, carbon-neutral, climate-neutral firewood

    Fully CO2-neutral

    Certified carbon-neutral: product, process & operations.

    Why CO2-neutral? 
  • 100% from local sources firewood.

    Entirely Local

    All our woods are from within 20 miles around your house.


    Why is local good? 
  • Moisture level below 20% guaranteed in all our firewood. Perfectly seasoned.

    Perfect Moisture

    Our woods never exceed the EPA's recommended moisture levels.

    Why low moisture? 
  • We match all established firewood companies' prices. Price guarantee.

    Best Price Always

    Buying best quality while minimizing CO2 can be very affordable!

    What are the rules? 
  • We dry/season our wood 100% in the sun. It comes from local sources and will be delivered to local customers. Only from gardens, parks, public spaces.

    100% Sustainable

    No to kiln-drying, no to plantation or natural forest wood, no to imports!

    Why sustainable? 
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