100% Local Product Sourcing

Why it is so important for us to emphasize that all firewood we are selling is from local sources.  Actually, we go one step further: we are trying really hard to keep the total distance between source of the timber and our customer's location to less than 20 miles. 

  1. It is all about emissions from trucking.  Firewood is a very dense and therefore heavy product.  The energy it takes to move a heavy product from point A to point B is not negligible: every mile a cord of firewood is transported adds about 2lbs of CO2. 
    Therefore, buy local and do not choose firewood that has been trucked in from distant places!
  2. We support local suppliers.  If we have a choice we want to support local workers and companies as much as we can.  That way, we all profit from their economic activity. 
  3. Pest control.  The EPA does not want to have wood products to be shipped unnecessarily from other states or far away from within the state.  It's about local pests that the EPA tries to contain in limited areas.  We strongly adhere to that.
  4. Makes economic sense.  We love saving money by operating locally so that we can pass on that advantage to our customers.  There is nothing better than keeping the price of firewood stable in these tumultuous times!