The Choice is Yours - Why we think you should choose us:

We believe in choice and we believe in information.  The more you know, the better for us. 

  1. We keep it simple
  2. We are transparent
  3. We believe in win-win-win

Why we believe in keeping things simple

Firewood is a great product.  It is universally liked across age groups, nationalities, ethnicities and genders.  It takes us back to the beginning of humanity. 

Firewood has all these qualities, because it is a very simple product. 

We want this basic firewood to be enjoyed by everybody, we want to make it easy and safe to buy, to receive and to enjoy it.  We tried to eliminate anything that stands between you and the pleasant experience of owning and burning firewood:

  • The search for a vendor you trust,
  • The drive to a dusty lot in not so pleasant parts of town,
  • The need to carry the firewood in your own vehicle, to carry it from your vehicle to your storage,
  • The lingering doubt of how well-seasoned your firewood might be,
  • The complexity of reaching somebody who can answer any question you might have about firewood,
  • The question if you have received the right quantity at a good price, and finally your concern about the impact you might have on our environment.

We achieved all this by creating a simple online shop so that you can easily and comfortably get your firewood. We deliver to your home automatically and we give you guarantees like nobody else in this industry (or many others...)!

Why we believe in transparency

Firewood is not a staple product you buy every time you go to a grocery store.  For most of our customers it is a once-a-year purchase. You should not have to spend a huge amount of time researching all the questions you might have about a firewood purchase.  That's why we put so much information into this e-shop.  This is also why we give you so many guarantees.

We are also aware of the impact burning firewood in your fireplace has on our environment.  Yes, of course, firewood is a natural product.  But by burning it we are releasing CO2 much sooner than the natural decay of a tree.  We all know by now that releasing more and more CO2 into the atmosphere does have consequences for all of us, regardless where we live and what we do.

By being transparent about our impact we can take decisions how to counter it.  We want to show to our consumers that there is a way how to enjoy the beauty of a nice fire in the fireplace while compensating for the inevitable effect we have on our environment.   We decided that these compensations will come out of our pocket by offering the same (or a better) price as all the other firewood suppliers while buying compensating credits for the faster release of CO2. 

Again: the more you know, the better for us!

Why We Believe in Win-Win-Win

Anything in life will only thrive long-term if it is based on mutual benefit for all parties involved.  We want you as the consumer of our firewood to be entirely happy and satisfied with your purchase and the entire experience.  We are working very hard to accomplish just that.  We are giving guarantees like nobody else in the firewood trade.  

But we also want nature to win in the entire process.  In the next 10-15 years many more if not all companies will have to show that they are truly sustainable and carbon-neutral.  Since we think it will be inevitable, we want to be an early adopter and a champion for the needs of nature.  

Lastly, we as a company have to win as well.  We believe that with every cord of premium firewood we are selling we are getting a little bit closer to our goal of making the entire firewood industry sustainable.  We want that our children, their children and all those who come after us can have the same enjoyment of a nice, warm fire in your private fireplace. 



Softwood hardwood firewood mix is Rancho La Casa's always bestseller! It consists of various seasoned woods, including ash firewood, olive firewood, eucalyptus firewood, and some softwoods.

Our entire range of premium firewood is triple carbon neutral.

We offer free (and also carbon-neutral) delivery for a full cord, 1/2 cord and 1/4 cord.

There are convenient pick-up options for smaller orders such as 1/8 cord, 1/16 cord and even smaller!

We offer a guarantee that our firewood is perfectly seasoned at a moisture level of 20% or less.

Take a look at our range!

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All The Details on What Makes Rancho La Casa Firewood so Different

  • 100% of raw materials and services are sourced locally.

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