We Match our Competitors' Prices!

Yes, we are the single most convenient provider of firewood in the Los Angeles area with the best customer service with the longest hours.

Yes, we offer unparalleled guarantees to our customers.

And yes, we even fully triple-compensate for all CO2 that is created through our activity and the nature of our firewood product!

And still, we are able to offer you a the only price match guarantee of any firewood retailer in Southern California!

We are doing this because we want you to concentrate on one thing only: enjoying the unparalleled beauty of a warm, glowing fire in your fireplace, together with your family and your friends!

Here are the details of our price match offer:

  1. The competing offer has to come from an established firewood provider who is open all year long, for who selling firewood is a core activity and who routinely delivers to your location.
  2. The price comparison has to be "like for like", meaning the competing price has to include everything that is included in our price, such as delivery and/or stacking.
  3. Our offer is limited to 14 calendar days after you bought firewood from us.
  4. We will reimburse you the difference between the competitor's price and the price we charged you.  Our return policy remains in place. 

 If you think that somebody offers the same firewood at better terms, then call us at (818) 208 6366 and we will gladly reimburse you the difference.

This is our promise to you.