Rancho La Casa Firewood

Traditionally, the search of firewood has been a dreadful experience: you had to go to distant places in Los Angeles, into somebody's backyard, to dusty and dirty yards where piles of wood waited for customers. There were no standards or guarantees of the quality of the firewood (seasoned or fresh?) or the quantity you would actually receive (full cord, cord, face cord, truck load?).

Rancho La Casa set out to change all that: we focus on the customer experience throughout the buying journey because there is no reason for making it inconvenient or intransparent.

  1. While our shop is open online 24/7, you can reach Tim or somebody else in the team directly up to 16hrs per day (during the winter season). You can ask us any question about firewood - none of them is too basic! Just dial (818) 208 6366 and try it out!

  2. We are staying in touch with our customers through texting. You can text us any time at (818) 208 6366 and we will get back to you as soon as we see the message (which is generally within 3-5 minutes).

  3. We want you to handle the entire process from the convenience of your phone. That's why our shop is optimized for cell phone purchase!

  4. We guarantee our products - quantity and quality. Every single time. You can reach us easily with any complaint and our many 5-stars reviews are testimony for the way we handle things at Rancho La Casa.


Lastly, as we handle and sell a natural product, we are very nature-focused and conscious of the impact we are leaving on this planet. We are therefore immensely proud that our company is certified CO2-neutral. To our knowledge we are the only CO2-neutral firewood company in the US!

We want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the same Southern California that we have been enjoying so much!

This is our motivation for Rancho La Casa.