California's First Carbon-Neutral Firewood

As the first firewood company in California, maybe even the US Rancho La Casa Firewood offers firewood with a CO2-neutral and price-match guarantee.

We sell only local firewood that comes from fully-sustainable sources.  Our firewood is never kiln-dried but seasoned in our beautiful Southern California climate.  That way we can also guarantee that our firewood is always below the 20% moisture level the EPA recommends!

How we achieve CO2-neutrality

We set out to compensate for all major sources of CO2 in the lifecycle of firewood:

After being cut, the tree cannot sequester anymore an average of 48lbs of CO2 per year.The faster release of CO2 when the wood is burnt in a fireplace instead of slowly decomposing in a landfill.The fossil fuel burnt for the transport of firewood between to our consumers, the commute of our employees to work and occasional flights to our customer service center in Mexico.

In total, every 1 cord of firewood that Rancho La Casa produced, transported and sold (and our customers presumably burnt) requires 2.1 tons of immediate offsets for all firewood related CO2-emissions. 

All our firewood is climate-neutral, CO2-neutral, carbon-neutral. And really well seasoned - guaranteed!

Our entire range of premium firewood is triple carbon neutral.

We offer free (and also carbon-neutral) delivery for a full cord, 1/2 cord and 1/4 cord.

There are convenient pick-up options for smaller orders such as 1/8 cord, 1/16 cord and even smaller!

We offer a guarantee that our firewood is perfectly seasoned at a moisture level of 20% or less.

Take a look at our range!

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Organizations we work together with

We are compensating the impact of our firewood by purchasing carbon credits from reputable organizations that are being constantly audited and enjoy the highest degree of credibility and trust.

  • SeaTrees directly supports communities and scientists who protect and regenerate blue-carbon coastal ecosystems.

  • Eden empowers communities around the world to plant & protect millions of trees.

  • Wildlife Alliance is an international non-profit forest and wildlife conservation organization with current programs in Cambodia.

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