We are 100%-sustainable: SoCal needs it!

We want to be fully sustainable in our products and operations so that we do our part in preserving Southern California's unique lifestyle.

Firewood Sourcing:

We will never plant trees for the purpose of turning them into firewood. We will also not buy trees from plantations or wild lands.

All our firewood comes from trees that were cut on private or public properties close to your home.  These trees would have ended up in a landfill or compost facility had we not turned them into our top quality firewood.

This way, not a single tree will ever be cut just for the purpose of producing our firewood.  

Firewood Drying:

Many suppliers of firewood in the US use kilns in order to speed-dry their firewood. This process heats up the wood at an ambient temperature of 180-200 degrees. It takes 3 to 6 days in that temperature to bring down the water content to 20% or less. Such a kiln needs a lot of energy which is mostly provided through the burning of natural gas or oil. It is estimated that lumber drying in kilns contributes 0.5-1% of all CO2-emissions in the US. 

We here at Rancho La Casa Firewood like to do it the old fashioned way by using the strength of our Southern Californian sun and uniquely dry climate. Yes, it takes much, much longer than drying in a kiln, but this way we do tread lightly on the very place we call home.

Transportation & Logistics:

It is our goal to limit to no more than 20 miles the distance driven between the original location of the tree, our processing center and our customer's home.  Transporting a heavy product such as firewood creates a lot of CO2 and other global-warming-gases.  In addition, by minimizing the number of miles driven by our trucks, we do our part in lowering traffic impact in Los Angeles.

Use of Plastics:

We try to eliminate 100% of all plastics for product storage, transport and packaging.  While we acknowledge the beneficial role plastic has played over the last century we are replacing it with natural alternatives to the greatest extent possible.